Converging cultures: the Hadrami diaspora in the Indian Ocean


Journal articles and working papers

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Book chapters

Forthcoming (2015) 'Hadrami identities in Saudi Arabia,' in Noel Brehony & Saud al Sarhan, eds, Rebuilding Yemen: political, economic and social challenges. Berlin: Gerlach Books

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Media contributions

24 November 2013 - Iain Walker was interviewed by Mukalla Today (in Arabic).

13 August 2013 - Saudi Arabia and its immigrants (posted on the COMPAS blog). Also mentioned onSaudi-US Relations Information Service.

26 February 2013 - The uncertainties of diaspora research (posted on the COMPAS blog)

14 February 2013 - Ahgaf Today article about Iain Walker visit to Jeddah and meeting with Salah Basweid and prominent Saudi businessman Abdullah Bin Mahfouz

28 August 2012 - Recipe for a diaspora: take one millionaire… (posted on the COMPAS blog). Also available in Arabic at Mukall Today (in Arabic)

Conferences and Presentations 

Walker, I Customary constraints and contemporary freedoms: social status and Hadramis on  the East African coast presented at the Islam and the Hadrami Diaspora in the Easter and Western Indian Ocean symposium, Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and society in December 2014.

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Walker, I. (2011) 'The imagined and the real: Hadrami mobilities in the western Indian Ocean', 16 November, paper presented at the Bergen Resource Centre for International Development.

Mukalla port, Yemen. Photograph: Iain Walker

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