Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity
in Art

‘Doh Mix Meh Up’ is a one-day international art exhibition and performance programme featuring artists and artworks selected from an open call entitled ‘Exploring Diaspora through the Arts’. The event brings together artist works, photography, film, spoken word poetry, theatre and a panel discussion as a way of exploring the varied and multifaceted experiences of those around the world who have moved from home to make a new life elsewhere.

Diasporas exist globally and include people with layered and diverse experiences. Art provides a means to express these complexities and creates a platform for alternative narratives, which often challenge existing power structures. Art also invites the viewer to engage with these narratives
at a personal level and interpret the subject for themselves. The range of media and creative approaches on show here are as diverse as the people and stories being told.

‘Doh Mix Meh Up’ is delivered by the Oxford Diasporas Programme and hosted by the Old Fire Station Arts.

The exhibition is curated by artist and curator, Sunil Shah.

Featured artists: Pablo & Roxana Allison, Raymond Antrobus, Phoebe Boswell, Rosa Couloute, Scarlett Crawford, David Creedon, Afra Dekie, Sharelly Emanuelson, JJ Bola, Justice in Motion, Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski, Lynette Letic, Caroline Molloy, Melissa Tandiwe Myambo, Miyuki Okuyama, Kajal Nisha Patel, `Sharon Paz, Mikaela Toczek, Virtual Migrants and Clare Walter.

A publication proceeding from the exhibition is now available:

Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity in Art

by Jane Garnett & Sunil Shah

"How does one represent the experience of millions who move around the globe? ‘Migration’ or ‘diaspora’ refer to movement en masse, yet we know that everyone who will have moved from one place to another will have had a unique experience.
This collection of images and text attempts to stimulate reflection about diaspora and cultural identities. It follows an international art exhibition and set of performances which took place under the aegis of the Leverhulme-funded Oxford Diasporas Programme on 1 November 2014 at the Old Fire Station, Oxford.
‘Doh Mix Meh Up’ exclaims the very sentiment one feels as an outsider, foreigner or stranger when being addressed in this way and reduced to the narrow preconceptions of ignorance."

Copies are available for order at £19 including delivery.

Event details

Saturday 1 November 2014

 3 - 10pm

Panel Discussion, ‘Exploring Diaspora
through the Arts’, 6pm

Drinks reception, 7pm

Old Fire Station

40 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ