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The Oxford migration centres publish their research widely in books and journals and through academic papers.

Details of individual books, chapters and articles can be found on Centre websites and are listed in research staff bios.

Formal series and journals linked to the centres include:

Migration Studies

Published by OUP, Migration Studies is an international refereed journal dedicated to advancing scholarly understanding of the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration in all its manifestations.

Journal of Refugee Studies

Published by OUP, the Journal of Refugee Studies provides a forum for exploration of the complex problems of forced migration and national, regional and international responses.

Forced Migration Review

Published by the RSC three times a year and in four languages, Forced Migration Review is the world’s leading forum linking research and practice on refugee and internal displacement issues.

Studies in Forced Migration

Studies in Forced Migration is a series published by Berghahn Books in association with the RSC. The series includes within its scope international law, anthropology, medicine, geography, geopolitics, social psychology and economics.

Working Papers and Briefings

Each Centre has its own working paper series to communicate work in progress and to disseminate key findings in areas related to core research themes.

Additional series include:

Alumni Publications

Click here to read published papers by alumni from the MSc in Migration Studies.