Elsa Gomis

Postdoctoral Researcher and Visual Artist

Elsa Gomis is a filmmaker and a Dr. in Film Studies. She is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant working on the project ‘Data Visualization and Policymaking’ directed by Dr Will Allen (Oxford), Dr Kathryn Nash (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Verity Trott (University of Brisbane). Gomis is also co-editor of the ‘En Images’ section of the De Facto journal at Convergences Migrations Institute, Paris. Her feature film The People Behind the Scenes has been screened in various places such as COMPAS Oxford, Maison Française of Oxford, and the Collège de France Visual Anthropology seminar. Her work has been selected for international conferences worldwide including Racialisation and the Media. From Television to Twitter at Oxford Rothermere American Institute and at the Bold New Voices in Migration Research Conference at Harvard Immigration Initiative.