Funda Ustek-Spilda

funda ustek spilda

Funda Ustek-Spilda  

Postdoctoral researcher
Project manager Fairwork project  




Affiliation: Oxford Internet Institute 
Expert in: Employment, Gender and sexuality in migration
Geographic focus: Global



Funda's background is in sociology, with thematic focuses in labour, migration and gender. Her research examined the reasons and implications of being counted and not being counted in data, from the perspectives of ethics, responsibility and fairness. Her current work with the Fairwork project explores and aims to improve working conditions for platform workers across the world. She is interested in studying the relationship between autonomous decision-making systems that assign, allocate, govern and control workers’ lives in platform economy, operational and business models of platforms and workers’ resistance strategies for fair work.


Happy to be contacted by policymakers, journalists, scholars or prospective students

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