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Oxford offers world-class research and taught degrees and courses in migration and forced migration.

Academic Programmes offered by the Refugee-Led Research Hub

The Refugee-Led Research Hub supports scholars and researchers from displaced communities including by offering the following graduate-level academic training programmes:


Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees 

Given the interdisciplinary nature of migration and mobility, doctoral students carry out their research projects in various departments across the University of Oxford's divisions. 

In addition, faculty from Border Criminologies, COMPAS, the Refugee Studies Centre, and the Transport Studies Unit--the four main migration and mobility research centres of the University of Oxford--supervise doctoral students in the following doctoral courses:


Various scholarships are available for MSc and DPhil courses. Below a list of useful links:

Departments may offer internal awards and scholarships, which can be viewed on their respective websites. For further advice and to view information on other funding sources, please visit the University of Oxford's main fees and funding page. 

Other Study Opportunities

Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowships are available to senior practitioners and policy makers, postgraduate students, and post-doctoral scholars and professional academics who wish to undertake a specific programme of self-directed study in a new academic environment. Some useful links:




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