Mina Fazel

mina fazel

Mina Fazel  

Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry  




Affiliation: Department of Psychiatry
Expert in: Health and Migration; Migrant families and children; Borders and detention
Geographic focus: Global North



The main focus of my research is on how to improve access to mental health interventions for children and adolescents. I have a particular interest in school-based mental health interventions and each year since 2019 my team has been running the OxWell School Survey in order to better understand what school pupils need and also what they want. Refugee mental health needs have been a longstanding interest of mine and I have previously examined the epidemiology of (and the risk and protective factors for) mental health difficulties in refugee children, I am concerned about the psychological impacts of immigration detention and have an active interest in Narrative Exposure Therapy for PTSD.


Happy to be contacted by policymakers, journalists, scholars or prospective students

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